byungary u a tru bro

I MADE LAYOUTS oh my god

I was one of those peasants who mooched off the kindness of coders

byungary replied to your post “byungary replied to your post:byungary replied to your post:byungary…”

I remember when XKit was that thing that people used when they couldn’t use Missing E for some reason.

I had to look up what Missing E was…. :( How do people stay so well-informed though

smoothjupiter replied to your post “smoothjupiter replied to your post “smoothjupiter replied to your…”

some stuff gets dug up. i think it was just in its first steps of getting integrated in the tech community, and branched out from there. invite-only communities are always slow-growing, after all

Tbh I just don’t have enough knowledge of econ to have a good convo on this kinda stuff, it is seriously so abstract to me 

Shit, people always used to complain when tumblr’s layout changed. I survived like 4 layout changes.

Oh damn, you’re right

I totally forgot how much tumblr had changed